EQST 1605 Equine Facility Mgmt I

This course is designed to educate students in safe and effective equine facilities management. Students boarding a horse in a CWC facility must sign up for a Facility Management class. (2 lect, 4 lab).


3 credits

Major Topics

  • Creating an Image
  • Advertising and Promoting Your Business
  • Managing Your Business
  • Financial Management
  • Riding Programs, boarding, and Leasing
  • Riding Camps
  • Moneymaking Events and Ideas
  • Buying and Selling Horses
  • Breeding Horses
  • Farm Property and Maintenance
  • Cutting Costs on Horse Care
  • Equipment Savings, Opening a Tack Shop


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Identify the steps to develop a successful equine business image.

2. Research effective advertising techniques and methods of promoting an equine business.

3. Identify the basic components of managing an equine business.

4. Identify and explain the different components relating to financial management of an equine business.

5. Describe the different riding programs, riding camps, boarding and leasing agreements.

6. Outline the different methods of buying and selling horses.

7. Discuss the pros and cons of running a breeding stable.

8. Compare the different types of equine property and maintenance required for each type of property.

9. Explain the different methods and ideas of cutting costs on horse care.

10. List the equipment savings by opening a tack shop.

11. Maintain assigned horse stalls and pens.

12. Provide proper care and feeding of their horses.