EQST 1690 English Equitation I

The fundamental knowledge and skills required to ride the horse as an English mount will be presented to the student. The student will learn how to progressively develop the correct position, balance and independent use of the aids when riding with English tack, and will be introduced to the disciplines associated with English riding including hunt seat, saddle seat, dressage, jumping, and endurance. Other topics covered include conformation considerations and selection of the English mount, equipment, rules and regulations for different disciplines, systematic training techniques and arena exercises. The student must supply a horse for this class. (2 lect., 2 lab)


3 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.

Major Topics

  • Correct position
  • Conformation considerations of the English mount
  • Aids and their actions
  • Rein actions
  • Gaits/transitions
  • Function, construction, fit and care of equipment
  • Arena etiquette
  • Correct use of schooling figures
  • Introduction to jumping
  • Appropriate protocol for showing the English horse in various disciplines


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Demonstrate correct position at all gaits while riding in the English saddle

2. Demonstrate control and balance of the horse at all English riding gaits

3. Demonstrate proper use and care of English riding equipment

4. Identify and discuss the diverse English riding disciplines