EQST 1595 Horsemanship II

A continuation of EQST 1590 with emphasis on correct horsemanship practices, stabling, training, health care and parasite control. Provides fundamental knowledge and skill development in horse anatomy and function, conformation, and riding. Western tack is emphasized with an introduction to English tack and riding. Cues, aids, gaits, and maneuvers are thoroughly explained, demonstrated and practiced. Individual help is given in needed areas. The student must supply a horse and tack for this class. Prerequisite: Completion of EQST-1590. (2 lect,2 lab)


3 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.

Major Topics

  • Types, Classes and Breeds of Horses
  • Breeding Horses
  • Nutrition and Feeding
  • Horse Health and Disease Prevention
  • Parasite Control
  • Horse Behavior and Training
  • Horsemanship and Proper Equitation
  • Horse Management
  • Business Aspects Of Horse Production
  • Careers with Horses


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Identify hoof parts, four basic horse gaits, horse breeds, and history of riding.

2. Examine horse health care components including nutrition, digestive system, and equine facility requirements and construction.

3. Correctly execute maneuvers including trot correct circles, side pass, leg yielding, two track, schooling figures, turn on haunches, turn of forehand, lope circle left and right, stop at lope, roll back, stop, roll back, and lope out.