Course Waiver/Substitution

Students may request a course waiver/substitution based on previous coursework or credit for prior learning. More information on course waiver/substitutions and credit for prior learning is available in the Transfer Credit policy. A Waiver/Substitution Form must be completed and filed with the Office of Student Records to ensure credit may be considered for any of the following situations.

Course Waiver

  • For a course waiver, the academic advisor, in consultation with one or more of the following (program director/division dean/Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty), determines whether a student’s previous coursework in a particular area is equivalent to a Mercy College course.
  • For a waiver of the seven-year time limit, the academic advisor, in consultation with the Dean of Arts and Sciences, determines whether to accept transfer credits for courses that are beyond the seven-year time limit.

Course Substitution

Students must take the following into account when requesting a course substitution:

  • Proposed course substitutions must align with another course within the program of study.
  • Mercy College residency requirements must be followed.
  • A higher-level class may be substituted for a lower-level course requirement (e.g. Calculus for College Algebra).

The academic advisor, in consultation with the program director/division dean, approves course substitutions.