Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid

Mercy College is committed to providing students with high-quality education at a reasonable cost. For many of our students, the out-of-pocket cost of attending a private institution like Mercy College is the same or less than the cost of attending many public institutions. This is because the amount you and your family are expected to contribute to your education is based on your income and assets and not on the cost of the college you choose. Most financial aid programs are based on the philosophy that the primary responsibility of paying college expenses rests with the student and his or her family. Therefore, many financial aid resources serve to supplement, rather than replace, the resources of you and your family. Mercy College subscribes to this philosophy in administering its programs. Our Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing friendly and courteous service by delivering aid to all eligible students in a fair and equitable manner.

What is Financial Aid? Financial aid is any funding that you receive to help pay for your education. Financial aid usually comes in the form of grants, loans, Federal Work Study, or scholarships. Most funding is awarded based on demonstrated financial need.  Need is the difference between what it costs to attend a specific institution, and what the family can contribute toward that cost. This “family contribution” can only be determined by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The Office of Financial Aid also certifies all Veteran Education Benefits. 

The Office of Financial Aid is located on the 6th floor of the Jefferson building, near the Learning Commons.  Dedicated financial aid staff are available to assist students who need financial aid to supplement the family contributions.  The Office of Financial Aid can be reached by email at or by phone at (419) 251-1219.

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