ENTR 1525 ENTR II: Opportunity Analysis

This course will focus on analyzing the entrepreneurial opportunities. The student will explore the feasibility of using his or her ideas to create a successful business and begin the process of writing a business plan. Prerequisite: Completion of ENTR 1505 or concurrent enrollment. (3 lect


3 credits

Major Topics

  • Elements of a Feasibility Study
  • Elements of a Business Plan
  • Reasons for Completing a Business Plan
  • Business Plan Presentation
  • Business Plan Format
  • Forms of Business Ownership


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Complete a feasibility study to analyze the opportunities in the market.

2. Describe the elements of a solid business plan.

3. Describe the keys to making an effective business plan presentation.

4. Explain the advantages and the disadvantages of the major forms of ownership.

5. Describe the factors an entrepreneur should consider before launching into e-commerce.

6. Explain the basic strategies entrepreneurs should follow to achieve success in their e-commerce efforts.

7. Describe how e-businesses ensure the privacy and security of the information they collect and store from the Web.

8. Complete an outline of a business plan.

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