COMM 2010 Public Speaking

This public speaking course includes an examination of theoretical elements common to all speaking situations. The emphasis is on practical application; students are required to present a number of speeches. (3 lect.) ORAL


3 credits

Transfer Status

Equivalent to UW.

Major Topics

  • Speaking informatively, persuasively and for special occasions
  • The use of visual aids
  • Listening
  • Audience analysis
  • Research
  • Organizing a speech
  • Supporting main points
  • Outlining
  • Language
  • Delivery
  • Apprehension


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Deliver a minimum of five speeches with varying emphases, using a visual aid in at least one

2. Explain the importance of public speaking skills.

3. Apply various listening skills including, but not limited to, open listening, critical listening, and active listening.

4. Demonstrate intercultural competence by conducting an audience analysis in order to adjust both topic and language for diverse groups.

5. Research a chosen topic, and compile useful information for speech preparation and delivery.

6. Arrange well-chosen and carefully phrased sentences using good judgment.

7. Integrate important delivery techniques into speeches that are delivered with confidence and competence.

8. Use technology in one or more of the following ways: research and writing assignments, videotape and evaluate a speech, prepare visual aids to reinforce speech impact, or tape record and evaluate a speech.

9. Create outlines of at least three of the five speeches

Other Information

Any information placed here must be adhered to by all instructors:

Graded Speeches: (1) a speech of introduction, (2) an informative speech, (3) a persuasive speech, (4) a speech that utilizes a visual aid, and (5) a special occasion speech. Impromptu Speeches: Students will deliver as many impromptu speeches that time allows. Outlines: Students will turn in a minimum of three formal outlines. Final Exam: Students will take a final exam in addition to speeches. Peer Evaluations: Students will evaluate a minimum of 10 peer speeches