ACCT 2450 Cost Accounting

An introductory investigation of fundamental principles of managerial cost accounting, such as accumulation and reporting of accounting information for product costing and standard costing, as well as information and processes useful in planning, decision-making and control activities. Generally offered in Fall only. Prerequisite: Completion of ACCT 2010. (3 lect)


3 credits

Transfer Status

Equivalent to UW.

Major Topics

  • Introduction to cost/managerial accounting
  • Accounting systems – Job order and Process costing.
  • Cost behavior
  • Cost - Volume - Profit Relationships
  • Variable costing
  • Activity – based Costing
  • Profit planning
  • Standard Costs
  • Flexible budgets and overhead analysis
  • Segment reporting


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Examine the role and purpose of cost/managerial accounting

2. Analyze and calculate financial information in order to plan operations, control activities and make decision and use the following cost/managerial concepts:

2a. Job-Order Costing

2b. Process Costing

2c. Just-in-time Activity Based Costing

2d. Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships

2e. Variable Costing

2f. Profit Planning

2g. Standard Costing

2h. Flexible Budgets and Overhead Analysis

2i. Segment Reporting, Profitability Analysis and Decentralization

Other Information

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