EQST 2800 Fundamentals of Teaching Riding I

Fundamentals of Teaching Riding is a methods course to prepare the prospective riding instructor to teach individual and group riding. It includes methods of teaching safety around a horse, basic knowledge of a horse, seat and saddle. It includes application to dressage, jumping, western riding, longe line work, and kinesiology of riding and psychological problems. The student needs to supply a horse and tack for this course. (2 lect., 2 lab)


3 credits

Major Topics

  • Knowledge of and Safety Around the Horse
  • Knowledge of Proper Position and its Application to Different Riding Disciplines
  • Methods of Teaching and Evaluating Lessons
  • Developing a Lesson Plan
  • Presenting a Lesson to a Group
  • Evaluation of Students for Effectiveness of Lessons
  • Evaluation of a Lesson for Effectiveness and Safety
  • Self-evaluation of Lessons Presented


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Understand teaching methods and skills.

2. Prepare a lesson plan combining horse safety and riding knowledge.

3. Present a lesson to the class to teach group riding lessons.

4. Prepare and present oral and written evaluations of self-developed and peer-developed lessons.

5. Evaluate the level of safety, group control and effectiveness of each lesson presented.