Academic and Financial Standing, Catalog Currency, and Individual Learning Account

Certification of Good Academic and Financial Standing

For letters of good standing, a student must be in good academic and financial standing. Students must be actively enrolled to receive a letter of good standing. Written requests should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar.

Written requests for letters of recommendation for admission to graduate schools should be addressed to the dean of the School in which the student is enrolled. For certifications relative to financial aid/loans, written requests should be made to the Office of the Registrar.

Catalog Currency

Students must use the Thomas Edison State University Graduate Catalog that is in effect on the date of enrollment to determine graduation requirements. However, if students change their degree program or allow their enrollment to lapse for more than one year; necessary graduation requirements will be required as listed in the Graduate Catalog in effect at the time the official change or re-enrollment is recorded in the Office of the Registrar.


Graduate students are considered “enrolled” when they have been accepted into the graduate program and have started their first course.

  • A student’s enrollment date is defined on the 10th day of a term for which a student registers. This status may change if the student becomes inactive or take a leave of absence.
  • Time Frame for Completion. Students in graduate programs have up to seven years to complete their degree. Students wishing to request a waiver of this timeframe should make their request to the dean of the School in which they are enrolled.

Residency for Graduate Certificates

Students who seek to earn a graduate certificate must earn a minimum of 50 percent of the certificate credits at Thomas Edison State University. Application of any transferred credits is at the discretion of the dean. Students must be enrolled in the University in order to earn any certificate.

Graduate Academic Standing

Students whose cumulative graduate grade-point average (GPA) fall below a 3.0 will be placed on academic probation.
Students on probation may not be registered for more than 6 credits in any one semester (including extensions).

Students whose GPA falls below a 3.0 in the semester prior to the completion of their program will be required to take additional courses to raise their GPA to 3.0 or above to meet the minimum graduation requirements.

The GPA must be restored to a 3.0 or above during the next 9 credits. If the GPA is not restored to a 3.0 or above, the student will be dismissed from the graduate program.

Students may appeal dismissal from a graduate program by submitting an appeal to the School dean. Appeals will only be considered in instances where it is feasible for the student to reach a 3.0 TESU GPA in their remaining courses for the degree. See the Academic Appeals Policy.