Introduction to Graduate Studies

Graduate academic programs build upon the foundation of undergraduate education with a continuing focus on ethical, professional, and intellectual development. Graduate education is designed to enhance both knowledge and expertise in specific academic disciplines and individual areas of professional practice. Emphasis is placed on preparing graduates who think critically and creatively engage in research and scholarship, demonstrate excellence in their discipline, and are socially and ethically responsible. The most visible activity of graduate education is the intellectual interaction of faculty and students involved in learning and devoted to advancing knowledge in their fields. Supporting these endeavors are academic leaders in the College, who are committed to providing an atmosphere in which graduate education and research can flourish.

Graduate Studies Mission

Mercy College’s graduate programs promote a distinct and collaborative learning environment rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Graduate programs support intellectual inquiry within the specific discipline and prepare students to respond to the ever-changing opportunities and challenges in the profession of healthcare.

Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee is a standing committee of Faculty Assembly. The purpose of the Committee is to initiate, review, and recommend graduate policy, curriculum, and program assessment/academic program review to the general faculty for consensus approval. The Committee serves as the advocate for the advancement of graduate education in accordance with the mission, vision, and values of the College.

Graduate Program Catalog

The graduate program catalog outlines the information, requirements, policies, and procedures specific to Mercy College’s graduate programs. Mercy College graduate students are expected to be familiar with the information, requirements, and policies and to abide by them. Failure to do so may impede student progress or may result in disciplinary action and, in some cases, dismissal. In addition to the information provided in the graduate program catalog, students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all Mercy College requirements, policies, and procedures on the College website.

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