NUR 566 Education Capstone II

The Nurse Educator Capstone II course is a continuation of the work initiated in Capstone I. It is the final step in the journey to graduation. The Capstone II is a theory-derived, Evidence-Based Practice Education Project that allows the student to plan collaborative educational activities, review the literature, and demonstrate effective interdisciplinary communication with a team to identify workable solutions to nursing education practice issues. In collaboration with a selected Nurse Educator, the student will create various teaching-learning activities. Evidence-based practices for evaluation of learning in both classroom and clinical settings are analyzed and applied. The student will disseminate the knowledge gained in the process through the writing of a scholarly paper and formal presentation of the project. The written document is a scholarly piece of writing that demonstrates competency through the synthesis of knowledge acquired in the MSN nurse educator track.




NUR 556




3 HOURS (3-0-0)