NUR 525 Population-Based Healthcare

This course explores the concepts of population-based healthcare, patient-centered medical home, health promotion, and disease prevention from both the theoretical and application views. Discussion will focus on the health goals of the United States, as well as globally, and how health promotion efforts can assist in achieving these global health goals. Lifestyle influences on the development of major diseases and life quality are discussed, as well as the economic impact of unhealthy behaviors. Patient and family education is examined as a strategy for assisting with implementation of healthy habits. Topics include: concepts of health and wellness, Healthy People 2030, health promotion and disease prevention, health promotion theories, risk assessment and reduction theories, prevention of illness, maintenance of high-level functioning in an evolving healthcare delivery system, exploration of multidimensional, culturally-sensitive intervention strategies, wellness programs, evidence-based health practice, and safe and effective care.






3 HOURS (2-0-1)