MKT 3050 Social Media Marketing

This course explores social media and the role it plays in communicating and marketing to consumers. Current social media platforms and their role in digital marketing strategies are examined, along with the concepts and scope of integrated marketing communication, search engine marketing, and content marketing. The student will set objectives to develop a social media marketing plan and utilize new media technologies. The student will investigate the evolution of social media marketing strategies, ethical issues involved in their use, and the macro-environmental issues affecting social media. The student will examine social consumers and their behaviors and e-Commerce in relation to social media marketing campaigns and initiatives. (3 lect.) SOC


3 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.

Major Topics

  • Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
  • Current Social Media Trends and Platforms
  • Consumer Behavior and Motivation
  • History of e-commerce and Social Media
  • Creating Content and Writing for Social Media
  • Communicating to a Target MarkeUAudience
  • Social and Cultural Environments of Social Media
  • The Marketing Mix


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Describe the major principles in marketing.

2. Identify current social media trends, platforms, and the history of e-commerce and social media.

3. Examine the relationship between Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and social media in business.

4. Analyze consumer behavior and needs in order to define target segments and develop appropriate marketing programs to achieve business objectives.

5. Investigate historical, current, and potential ethical issues involving social media marketing.

6. Critique the macro-environmental issues of social media, such as privacy, security, regulation, political impact, and new/emerging technologies.

7. Evaluate consumer motivation and decision strategies in relation to social media marketing campaigns.

8. Compare and contrast consumer behavior based on the social and cultural environments of social media.

9. Design a social media marketing campaign strategy.