BADM 2020 Bus Law II:Commercial Law

A study of the basic principles of the law of real property, landlord and tenant, bailments, sales, commercial paper, secured transactions and bankruptcy. Prerequisite: Completion of BADM 2010 or instructor's permission. Generally offered in spring only. (3 lect.)


3 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.

Major Topics

  • Domestic and International Sales and Lease Contracts
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy
  • Personal Property and Bailments
  • Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Relationships.


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

1. Define legal terms related to the major topics of this course.

2. Identify and explain the concepts of sales and lease contracts.

3. Identify and explain various types of negotiable instruments.

4. Recognize and explain the differences between creditors rights and the rights ofthe party filing bankruptcy.

5. Identify and explain personal property, bailments, real property and landlord-tenant relationships.    

6. Describe legal issues related to case studies and select the legal concept that applies to the given situation.

Other Information

Any information placed here must be adhered to by all instructors:

BADM 2020 is an articulated course with UW College of Business. The required text listed below must be used. Required text is West's Business Law - current edition Chapters 20-30, 47 and 48 Authors Clarkson, Miller, Jentz, Cross