BADM 1020 Business Communications

This course will develop and expand the student’s written, oral, interpersonal and professional communication skills. The student will explore crucial rhetorical issues that impact the ability to communicate and achieve specific objectives in the work environment. The psychology and mechanics of written and oral business communication will be thoroughly explored and widely applied. Documents and presentations that demand careful planning and composition, supported content and argument, and logical organization and structure will be created. The student will examine cross-cultural, nonverbal, interpersonal, and ethical communication. Prerequisite: Completion of ENGL 1010 (3 lect.) WR2


3 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.

Major Topics

  • Communication challenges in a changing environment
  • Audience-oriented communication
  • Writing composition
  • Professional oral and written communication
  • Critical and analytical communication (written, verbal and nonverbal)


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

Examine the writing process for successful business documents.

Create messages and documents that are audience-oriented.

Describe the influence of culture on communication in the workplace.

Construct oral and written presentations using research, critical thinking, and professional communication strategies.

Compose oral and written messages to include effective introductions and conclusions, unified thesis statements, properly documented research, and clear and accurate sentence and paragraph structure.

Write no fewer than 20 pages, comprising no less than three essays, one of which shall be a 5 to 10 page research paper.