Undergraduate Academic Standing Resources

Writing Resources

  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an expansive repository of writing resources, assisting with all facets of writing including proper grammar, research, and citations.
  • Grammarly is a writing assistant tool that scans your documents for proper grammar and spelling.
  • Indiana University First Principles focuses extensively on plagiarism and provides tutorials and tests on recognizing, understanding, and avoiding plagiarism.

Research Resources

  • The New Jersey State Library is an affiliate of Thomas Edison State University and has an extensive online database.
  • Ebsco and Proquest are extensive research databases which are free to Thomas Edison State University students and can be accessed in Moodle.
  • Citation Machine aids with proper citation creation and plagiarism prevention.
  • Refworks is an affiliate of Proquest, which includes free tutorials regarding research collaboration and in-text citations.
  • Zotero is a free plugin which& has an intuitive ability to identify appropriate content which will aid in the research writing process. Zotero also provides assistance with the creation of citations and the overall organization and structure of your written work.

Math Resources

  • These Microsoft Bing videos provide both college level math lessons and content for adults refreshing their math skills.
  • Khan Academy provides video instruction for most subjects including math and statistics.

Test Preparation and Tutoring

  • The Mometrix blog provides 20 test taking tips from experts in the field of Higher Education.
  • Smarthinking is a Pearson Education product that covers a wide variety of subjects with 24/7 support. Smarthinking is free to Thomas Edison State University students and can be accessed in Moodle.\
  • PrepSTEP is an online learning platform that facilitates academic success and career preparation. PrepSTEP includes numerous tutorials, practice tests, and other learning resources. PrepSTEP is free to Thomas Edison State University students and can be accessed in Moodle.

Time Management

  • Google Calendar allows you to create events, set reminders, and connect with others. This tool does it all and if you're already a Gmail user, it makes the most sense to go with this calendar.
  • Weekly Planner (Android only) is a lightweight, no ads and completely free app. This allows your Android device to notify you on your routine tasks, letting your mind free to focus on things that really matter. Be more programmable and save time!
  • Week Plan (iOS only) is a Task Management app that makes entrepreneurs and teams more effective in their tasks and in achieving their goals. Rather than focusing on completing all the tasks and be productive, Week Plan lets you focus on essential tasks. This ensures that you put your best foot on tasks that are in line with your business.


  • 211.org is a service that provides expert assistance and connects millions of people for help every year.