Thomas Edison State University

Inside our Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs you’ll find the academic policies and procedures that will guide your experience at the University, providing details and requirements for each of the degree and certificate programs we offer. These Catalogs also include pertinent information about the learning outcomes and objectives you’ll achieve once you’ve completed your program of study as well as information about each of our Schools: the Heavin School of Arts, Sciences, and Technology;  the School of Business and Management; the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing and Health Professions; and the John S. Watson School of Public Service.

Current Catalogs

2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Archived Graduate Catalogs

2016-2017 Graduate Catalog

2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Archived Undergraduate Catalogs

2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog