TECEP® Overview

The Thomas Edison State University Examination Program (TECEP®) offers students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking exams rather than courses. TECEP® is a credit-by-exam program specifically designed to allow students to demonstrate the college-level knowledge they have gained through job experience, personal interests and activities, or independent study.


Each TECEP® exam is developed by subject matter specialists who teach college courses in the exam’s subject area. TECEP® exams include question types such as multiple-choice, short answer, problems, and/or essays. Along with each exam, the test developers create a test description, available on the University website, containing information to help students prepare for their TECEP®.  The test description also includes topic coverage, question types, passing score, and number of credits awarded for a passing score. Most TECEP® exams are worth 3 credits.

TECEP® exams are available to anyone who is interested, whether or not they are enrolled at Thomas Edison State University. Enrolled students can earn credit by passing any TECEP® exam but should check to ensure that the exam will fulfill their degree requirements. Students who are enrolled elsewhere should check with their own institutions.


Flexibility is the major advantage of utilizing TECEP® exams as a credit earning option. The University recognizes that students who choose this method begin with different levels of knowledge of the test subject and take different amounts of time to prepare. Therefore, students can study at their own pace and register for the exam when they are ready. Another significant advantage of a TECEP® exam is its inexpensive cost.

For comprehensive information about TECEP® exams, their test descriptions, and testing policies see the TECEP® section of the University website.

TECEP® Student Profile

TECEP® exams are recommended for highly independent learners who are comfortable studying in a non-structured environment and who are looking to apply their prior learning toward earning course credit. TECEP® exams also allow for flexibility to accommodate independent and curious learners seeking to develop personal interests or skills for course credit. TECEP® exams afford students an opportunity to study at their own pace to review and enhance their prior learning and experiences, and then schedule the exam when they are ready to demonstrate their learning.